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The beta version of PowerModels™ is expected to ship in Q1 of 2024.

You will be sent a link to download a free trial version of PowerModels™ when the beta is available. We will send update emails only. This preregistration also locks in your price of $25/seat/month if you decide to convert from the free trial.

PowerModels™ is designed for anyone using Microsoft Excel for business modeling.

The included ModelServer™ helps eliminate modeling errors and protects your model when collaborating with others.

EventChains™ are extracted from legacy systems and stored in an event database. This data stream feeds your models with accurate, up to the moment information without having to copy and paste from legacy system reports. Unlike FP&A solutions, data is not gathered via complicated and computing intensive queries that are error prone and easy to break.

PowerModels™ adds functionality into Excel. Users familiar with Excel will have a very short learning curve and can easily master the software with the provided tutorial.

The use of an EventChain DB™ creates a simple more accurate dataset that updates as it occurs. Other solutions in this space rely on very complex queries that are error prone and expensive to maintain.

Also, PowerModels™ runs natively inside Excel eliminating the need for a custom ‘Excel-like’ modeling interface. There will be upgrades offered for more advanced modeling and enterprise features but the base price will remain at $25 per month.